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 Character Backround

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Red Shirt
Red Shirt

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PostSubject: Character Backround   Sat 14 Jul - 20:21

Ino Yamanka became orphaned when her parents were brutally murdered by a member of KMG's drug gang not long after her father and mother along with her moved from Asakusa in Japan on work. After the murder of her family Ino was held in a mental facility because she witnessed her parents murder from the closet her parents ushered her into when they heard the door downstaris being broken down. The nurses in the facility said after 6 months inu containment she was improving and soon after she was transfered to a orphange oustside Wales. It was there she met her first friend Lauren Adams, she felt sorry for Lauren considering she was so bright and pretty yet still an orphan altough she was 16 years of age. Ino went to sleep on night and then woke up in a strange place dressed in white underware with an Orange t-shirt combat trousers and boots on the end of her bed. Ino is 12 Years of age and will soon be starting basic training. Ino has a very high IQ and is great in her classes her teachers almost refer to her as brightest in her age group.
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Red Shirt
Red Shirt

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PostSubject: Re: Character Backround   Sun 15 Jul - 6:47

When an admin looks at this can they unban me please because I didn't do anything wrong. This is really confusing me Sad
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Character Backround
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