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Orange Shirt
Orange Shirt

Messages : 1
Date of inscription : 2012-07-14

PostSubject: inscription   Sat 14 Jul - 14:05

Name : Charlie

Minecraft Username: Lagtastic

Knowledge of CHERUB: Read all the books, awesome.

How have you find out the server?: A current Cherub user told me that some dick called pineapple posted my name on a sign Sad so sad. Hope that won't affect my inscription really want to see the campus.

Would you give allopass to the server? No, very sorry, poor student here

EDIT: In case you're wondering, Team Exodus is a legit Minecraft clan I made with a small group of friends, just that one member (that pineapple dick) went rogue. Sorry for all the inconvience he caused hope you guys rolled it back.
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Red Shirt
Red Shirt

Messages : 16
Date of inscription : 2012-07-05

PostSubject: Re: inscription   Sat 14 Jul - 15:09

Thanks for the Apology but... I THINK HE MAY OF GOT ME BANNED!
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