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 Harry Kehoe (Instructor)

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PostSubject: Harry Kehoe (Instructor)   Thu 28 Jun - 18:46

Agent Name : Harry Kehoe

Character Background : Born in Dublin, Ireland on March 9th 1976, Harry lived his early life during the attacks of the IRA. He quickly joined the police and moved on to the army. His exceptional performance in both those fields caught the eye of the S.A.S. Who he is later recruited by. After 10 years of service, Harry decides that enough is enough and on January 24th, 2004, he retires from the S.A.S. Having worked with CHERUB he is offered a job as a mission controller or instructor. He turned down the role mission controller due to fact the he would rather watch people squirm, than try and make them feel happy and safe.

Minecraft Username : harry_kehoe
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Harry Kehoe (Instructor)
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