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 Erik Kraller (Instructor)

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PostSubject: Erik Kraller (Instructor)   Sat 23 Jun - 14:07

Agent Name : Erik Kraller

Character Background : A native of Vienna, born on July 7th, in 1987
Being the son of an Austrian Ambassador, he quickly develops an aptitude for languages. However, in an attack against the embassy of a country of Asia Minor, his father is murdered. Repatriated to his homeland, Erik will be sent to a friend of his late mother living in the United States. This woman for financial reasons, can not keep him indefinitely at her home and eventually place him in a center.

On November 30th, 2001, he is recruited. This marks a turning point in his life.

On June 18th, 2005, he retires from being an agent.

After a PhD in nanotechnology and a sabbatical year, and, failing to remove the organization from his thoughts, Erik returns to Cherub in 2012 in order to be a Mission Monitor or an engineer regarding the creation of equipment agents.

Minecraft Username : OMAnecraft
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Erik Kraller (Instructor)
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