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 My Intro!

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Red Shirt
Red Shirt

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Date of inscription : 2012-07-08
Age : 18
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PostSubject: My Intro!    Sun 8 Jul - 20:29

Agent name : Ashling Murphy

Character Background : At school, everyone called me a goth and an emo so after a while I just got really angry at them all and punched a guy in the face and broke his nose. I got up and ran off. When I got home my mum was at the hospital because of some illness. After a day she still wasn't back, so I rang the hospital. Apparently my mum had died two hours ago and they hadn't been aware that she had a daughter. I got dumped in some sad excuse for a care home because my dad had disappeared after my mum had gotten ill. I stayed at that dump for 2 years until CHERUB recruited me. I'm 12 now!

Minecraft Username : emo_girl_2000

THANK YOU! Like a Star @ heaven
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My Intro!
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