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 Cherub profil agent : Louis Kilgour

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Red Shirt

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PostSubject: Cherub profil agent : Louis Kilgour   Sun 1 Jul - 21:45

Agent name :Louis Kilgour

Character Background : Found abondend in 2001 age 1 ,admist broken furniture in a garbage yard .Five years later (age six, year 2008 ) was recruited by a certain ''John stevens'' to cherub. During the next 4 years displayed an aptude for armed combat and science. Failed basic traning on first attempt on day 87 due to a fractured collar bone. Passed 4 months latter but recived 50 hours recycling punishement due to unnessessary demonstration of scientific abilities in celebration on top of a 5 star hotel and in so unnesserily endangering US national security ... Currently has complete 2 missions in his 6 month active service. Is excepted to excell in his carrer though has some disciplinary issues to be resolved...

(Excerpt from agent profil Louis Kilgour)

Minecraft Username :louis
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PostSubject: Re: Cherub profil agent : Louis Kilgour   Mon 2 Jul - 9:42

You have to register here: http://cherubminecraft.bbfr.net/f1-inscription and accept rules here: http://cherubminecraft.bbfr.net/f3-rules-context so that I can validate your inscription! Smile
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Cherub profil agent : Louis Kilgour
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