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 My registration

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Orange Shirt
Orange Shirt

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Date of inscription : 2013-06-15
Age : 20
Location : England

PostSubject: My registration   Sat 15 Jun - 13:08

Name : (irl) Ben McMinn

Minecraft Username : snivydude249

Knowledge of CHERUB : I have only just started reading the first book but i am really enjoying it. I have gotten up to page 243.

How have you find out the server ? : I was looking for a CHERUB server on google

Would you give allopass to the server ? : If I had a credit card and if I really enjoyed the server.

My story:
I was a simple orphan boy who got into a lot of fights at school. They always teased me about being an orphan and not knowing who my parents are. One day I was going up to a girl a really like to ask her out when a bunch of the people who'd bullied me tipped a bucket of liquid over my head. They dropped the bucket laughing and I saw it was a bucket from the toilets with yellow stains on the inside and my clothes smelled of wee. I threw a punch at the biggest guy and within 30 seconds had him crying on the floor with a dislocated arm. To this day I have no idea what ever happened to him.
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My registration
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