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 My Journey so far!

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Date of inscription : 2013-05-07
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PostSubject: My Journey so far!   Tue 7 May - 15:36

Agent name : Jake W Nicol

Character Background : I lived in the beautiful country of Scotland for the first 13 years of my life, I had a happy family and a nice life but...all things must come to an end.

April 5th 2013
I was on my way back from a relativity good day at school until a red car came screeching round the corner and hitting a small old lady in the process. As I rushed to check if the old lady was alright the car made a sharp right turn leaving lack skid marks trailing behind, started towards. I jumped out of the way but to my horror they ran right over the old lady and smothered her body on the road. I ran. That's all I could do and as I ran the car my another sharp turn and begun its descent, charging straight for me. Sirens. I could hear sirens.
"Thank god I'm saved" I said out loud stopping to catch my breath. The police car came rushing past me and didn't stop. It crashed straight into the opposing car. Mortified I ran home without stopping, I couldn't the city was in chaos, crashed cars, fires and well nothing. nothing else was there. So I ran and ran and ran until the point where if I didn't stop I would be sick. Now I'm here telling you my story, to this day I don't know what happened and I wish to never know.

Minecraft Username :Assassins_kooper
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My Journey so far!
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