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 My background

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Red Shirt
Red Shirt

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PostSubject: My background   Wed 10 Apr - 10:28

Agent name : Alaz Norris

Character Background : We lived in Birmingham. When I was 10, the police knocked our door at midnight. They said that my father died from a car crash on his job trip in Columbia. They said that he might have had a chance if he wore his seat belt. But I didn't believe that because my dad always wore his seat belt. My dad was a electric engineer and he went to Columbia from London Heathrow airport for a test for the hotel that was getting build. My dad drove for 2 hours to get to work. At the funeral I saw a bald man with glasses. He said he is from dad's work. He said he's name is Dr.Mac. I saw a gun under his jacket. Then I was sure something was wrong. I learned that dad's car is being moved to the junk yard. I went to have a look and saw three bullet holes in his cars windows. When I arrived home I saw the door knocked down. I saw a man shoot my mum. Then I saw the man leaning on the window sill. He was looking at a helicopter. That was probably how he came here. I sprinted from my hiding spot and kicked the man on his spine. The man was pulling his gun but I did a strong knee kick to his head and he fainted. I took his gun from his hand and shoot the helicopter's fuel tank. Then the helicopter glide down and started a fire. Then police and the firefighters arrived. I told them what happened. Then a police woman called Jennifer Mitchum gave me a injection and I fainted. I woke up wearing a orange cherub shirt

Minecraft Username : barkin5c
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My background
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