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 Sophie Scotts' Introduction

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PostSubject: Sophie Scotts' Introduction   Tue 5 Feb - 7:05

Agent name : Sophie Scotts

Character Background :
As an australian, I was brought up in the outback. My parents taught me the basics of camping, driving and also shooting. My mother was employed as an accountant, and my father; a computer technician.

It was the day before my 14th birthday when my mother went out to purchase some drinks from the local supermarket. I was sitting on the lounge when my father's phone started to ring. He picked it up and listened carefully. I watched as his face turned from a cheery smile to a ghostly, white frown. He turned off his phone, looked at me and started to cry.

I started to worry, as I had not had a clue what was happening. He stood up and approached the front door. I suddenly became empathetic and began to cry, watching him as he turned the door knob.

As he opened the door, the sound of a scream and a loud bang filled the air. I watched as my father went limp, and fell to the floor instantly. I saw a man walk in and out of the house quickly, before pulling the door shut behind him.

I ran to my father's aid as soon as the man left. I looked into his glassy, bloodshot eyes and kissed his cool cheek. I burst into tears and started to dry retch as I leaned over his lifeless body.

Soon later a small woman entered the house. I couldn't distinguish any key facial features, as my tears had made my vision blurry. I laid down and looked at her. She pulled a sharp needle out of her jacket pocket and started to move it towards my arm. I felt a slight pinch in my bicep, then started to feel drowsy. Slowly, darkness began to consume me.

That is all I remember about that fateful day.

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Sophie Scotts' Introduction
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