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 Oliver J's Introduction

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Red Shirt
Red Shirt

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PostSubject: Oliver J's Introduction    Thu 17 Jan - 2:40

Agent name : Oliver Jones

Character Background : When Oliver Jones was six years old his family and himself were involved in a serious car crash witch resulted in fatalities for everyone in the car except for himself and his younger brother William Jones (3 years old at the time). They were both relocated into "Nebraska House" the local orphanage/carehome, several months later they were both picked up by a CHERUB agent going by the name of Jason Munroe. Oliver Jones and William Jones both pased the recruitment test and now (4 years later) Oliver Jones is scheduled for the next 100 day basic training.

Minecraft Username : olliepokemon1678

Very Happy
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Red Shirt
Red Shirt

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PostSubject: Introduction   Mon 21 Jan - 3:34

Character Background : When i was at the age of 3 my parents died in a car crash me and my brother Oliver Jones were left alone unlit we found nebraska house. we stayed there for 3 months then a agent from cherub picked us up and brought us here. i am 10 now and i am
geting ready for the 100 day basic trainging, i hope i am ready...

Minecraft Username : YoMummazUgly
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Oliver J's Introduction
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