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 Peeta Storm Introduction

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Red Shirt

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Date of inscription : 2012-07-26

PostSubject: Peeta Storm Introduction   Thu 26 Jul - 9:14

Agent name : Peeta Storm

Character Background :
I grew up in Russia where my mother and father were petty criminals. I was a street kid, my mother taught me to pick pockets, my father taught me to pick locks. they robbed a member of the russian mafia and the mafia planted a bomb in their car, I was 9 years old. i toughened up quickly after that. I got into a street gang but they made steal some beer for them, but it was a trick and I got arrested. I was taken to a care home and three days later on my 10th birthday the maneger invited me to her office. The next morning I woke up here in CHERUB.

Minecraft Username : kitgale
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Peeta Storm Introduction
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