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Red Shirt
Red Shirt

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Date of inscription : 2012-07-19
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PostSubject: Introduction   Thu 19 Jul - 21:01

Agent Info:
Ross Keiths was born the eighth of march 2001. Ross Keiths parents died when he was Four. He has been with eight foster families over the years and has learned many life lessons including: patience, and other stuff. Since he moves around a lot he can pretty much get over losing somebody, like a friend or maybe a foster family. Since he has no attachments he has tended to get full of himself over the years. Ross is very strong with average maths skills, but terrible at science. Ross has Light Brown Hair, just above his ears.
When he was Thirteen he was going on a trip with his foster family when the plane had some freak malfunction and could not be controlled by the pilots. Ross saw that there was two parachutes on the wall and jumped from the plane (wich probably wasn't a great idea. The only other survivor was a CHERUB agent by the name of: Andrew Finneh. Andrew felt bad for Ross and was also impressed by how he kept his head clear in a tough situation. Later that week Ross woke up at CHERUB.
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